"Wie willst du etwas erklären, was du nichtmals selbst verstehen kannst?"
— Zac Efron (The Lucky One)

I still see it all in my head…in burning red

Shailene Woodley on Jimmy Kimmel Live (May 2014)
"You should be kissed everyday, every hour, every minute."
— The Lucky One (via quoteverything)
"We shove the dirt over the book, tamping down the disturbed soil. The grass will grow back soon enough. It will be for us the beautiful uncut hair of graves."
— John Green, Paper Towns (via effyeahpapertowns)

“I think the actual truth of the matter is that being 17 has been sort of an obstacle, just in proving yourself to radio and proving yourself to middle-aged people listening to the radio. It’s just a number on my birth certificate. But I’m very respectful of that number, you know?”